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The Design Firm

Abuv is an independent design firm based in New Jersey and established in 2009. We strive to provide our clients with a variety of services that can be tailored to their every graphical and promotional need. Our speciality is taking our client's problems and creating a solution. For their customers, the branding is not just a visual reminder, but also an experience. The work we do helps the client make that engagement a reality.

Our History

We originally started off as a clothing company that designed graphic t-shirts with the intention of donating 10% of each purchase to a charity. While we still sell t-shirts (and continue to donate a percentage) on occassion, our main focus is the design firm aspect of the business. However, we have not forgotten about our philanthropic history. We continue to work with charities such as Gamers Outreach and Raritan River Week. We have an Environmental Initiative in place at the company as well.


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